When to Reach 4

“…The subject of employers googling  potential employees came up today. My current employer made it perfectly clear that they did, in fact, google me before I got hired. I was embarrassed. For gits and shiggles, I googled myself today. I swear I dont get paid each time I type the word “google”. I found a post about me on VVN. Whoa. Yes, I live in Raleigh and am doing fine. A band, a wife, a few kids, a job, a house etc. So now on to the important stuff, ish records. Or fabulous ish records. Or was it ish entertainment? Regardless, it was headquartered at various apartments and houses around Williamsburg. We never had a Froggy Bottom address. We were near a ravine and a palm reader, but never a swamp. The frogs and the swamp funk woulda put some crazy mojo on our “everything’s a dollar” cassette tapes. It looks like ish is still releasing music. Can ya believe it?
//www.ishrecords.blogspot.com/ …”

“Hi, my family and I were recently vacationing in North Carolina and ran into an old friend by the name of Joel Lindelof.  He told me about your site and said that some of the information might be somewhat inaccurate.  So without any further ado…

Joel’s record label was called “Ish Records.”  Calling it a record label is a bit of a stretch, as it was essentially the same 4 or 5 people doing a million bands and making tapes more or less for each other and our friends.  Jolly Mortals were not really an Ish band, nor did we (to my knowledge) have any rivals in Williamsburg.
Tony Brown was in several Ish bands, and did indeed go on to be in the band RPG.

No one from any Ish bands later went on to be in Action Patrol.  Eve, the drummer of Action Patrol, was in a band called Sistersound which featured Dave Garrett from Thee Squids (Ish band), but that’s as far as the connection goes.

Personally, I was in a few Ish bands myself (one of which was called Star Trap with Joel Lindelof), and later went on to be in a band called Ultimate Dragons, who essentially kicked me out, replaced me, and called themselves The Sword.

Whirled Records put out the Quadruped 7″ which was a comp of 4 bands, including Jolly Mortals.  Their second release was a full length Jolly Mortals 7″.  I’m actually selling a Quadruped on ebay, the auction closes tomorrow methinks.  Whirled went on to put out Action Patrol and Maximillian Colby.
The brownie made of human feces is a funny story, though it doesn’t involve anyone from Jolly Mortals.  A girl made a brownie from her excrement wrapped it in plastic wrap and left it at the doorstep of Dave Grant – the singer of Action Patrol.  Don’t get me wrong, us Mortals types did plenty of disgusting things, but this was not one of them.
It’s an honor that anyone would write anything about a band that broke up over 15 years ago.  Currently, I am in a band called Ratking; the bassist of Jolly Mortals is(?) in a band called Gilmore Guys, and the drummer of Jolly Mortals moved to LA and works on movies.
– D “