Tapes Records

Tapes Records

Although none of us have a clear sense of why we are
here, we here at Tapes have stumbled across a rough

1. We are dedicated to excellence, both in sound and
design. This is clear to anyone who owns more than one
of our records.

2. A sense of oneness runs through the artist on the label,
together we can rule the underground just watch your
brothers & sisters back’s.

3. Steady do what you feel! We are releasing dub/hip hop
record because we can. Soon enough the flag will fly high
above every turntable, discman, and broken tape deck as
a symbol of quality.


Black Dice, Fed X, XBXRX,Plastik Caskit, 25 Suaves,
Japanther, Plate Tectonics, Stab City Slit Wrists,
Tunnel of Love, Bent Outta Shape, Narrows,
Pillow Fort/The Bananas, Barr, Jetomi