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The Cat The Mouse “Niagara Falls Tape”


VVN presents the golden & now legendary, EP from Fort Collins’ The Cat The Mouse.
Niagara Falls Tape was recorded, as the title suggests, near to the NY & Canadian
border onto Rick’s 4 track cassette. Fredrick Burton III wrote these songs while living &
working in Niagara Falls during the coldest winter in 30 years. The falls froze still
that year for 37 minutes, 4:12am, February 17, 2009. This release features the
The Cat The Mouse members, KJ Johnson, Hugh Browder, and Jason Hogg.

This release costs 5$.

These Same Trees
Ghosts of Habit
Niagara Falls
Easy Solution (to Every Problem)
Fighting Forces With

Listen to “Easy Solution” from Niagara Falls Tape

and “Muppets”

Duane Lauginiger

Member of Dark Horse and the Carousels, The Invisible Friends, BB Gun, FFF, The Windy City, Teen Slain, The Octobers, The Family, Uneducate Evil, Colossal, Thee Robes of Alchemy…

Duane now plays under the name Goodweird Collective. VVN is proud to coax him and to coach him and to share him.

Duane with FFF doing a version of Ooooeeee by BD on New Years Eve: