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The Creeping Nobodies

EXULT Single and Silver & Golden Apples on VVN.

Full Length Releases:

Augurs & Auspices
Deleted Art

1.Red Weather
2. Blowing On Knots
3. Sacrosanction
4. Psychic Weapons
5. No Coins For A
6. Kingdom
7. Second Occupation
8. Scrape & Peel
9. Your Likeness
10. Follow
Split EP w/ Miranda
SCRATCH records
& Miranda

1. Head Growing
2. You Clock Never Works
3. Vomit On Yr Shoes
4. Furry Guys Looking For A Flat Girl

The Creeping Nobodies
1. Lockstep
2. Anathema
3. Eidolon
Split EP w/Anagram
Blocks RC
Dead Astronaut

1. Sacrosanction (CN)
2. Psychic Weapons
_____ _____ ) _____ _____

1. Mt. St. Capt. Doom (A)
2. Manic Indulgence (A)

Blocks RC

1. Hollow Stems, A Hunter’s Will

2. Pangrammatic Window
3. Heatseek
4. Treachery
5. Concrete
6. First Impulse
7. Willing Spirit
8. Sense Of Belonging
9. The Sound of Joy
10 Fragment
Half Saboteur EP

Side A
1. No Coins For A Kingdom
2. Second Occupation
3. Scrape & Peel

Side B
Your Likeness
2. Follow

Blocks RC

1. Intent
2. Island
3. {QI}
4. Quarantine!
5. Crossover (XO)
6. {HTSK}
7. Cold Hands
8. Apnea
9. Red Paint
10. Les Petites
11. Clefs Noires
12. Bitter Tears
13. Moscow Sauna Club
14. House/Home
Kosher Rock Records

1. Creep-In
2. I-X-U
3. State
4. Theme From  Happy
5. Fight The Good Fight
6. The Long Creep-Out


Perverted By Mark E. – A Tribute To The Fall
Zick Zack

A tribute album dedicated to The Fall,
specifically the iconic Mark E. Smith.
Conceived by the Woog Riots, Barbara
Manning, and I, Ludicrous; this German
release includes The Creeping Nobodies’
rendition of The Fall’s 1983 Rough Trade
single Wings. Another Toronto connection
can be found on this album with The Barcelona
Pavilion. Also includes Preston School Of

Industry, Chris Knox, Tocotronic + More!

Toronto is… (The Best!!!/Great!!!)
Blocks RC

The Creeping Nobodies contribute an exclusive
three-peice recording ofHeatseek to this
enthusiastically titled compilation. Put together
by The Blocks Recording Club, it features a
host of talent from the GTA (Greater Toronto
Area). It features over 20 bands; including:
Kids On TV, Ninja High School, Les Mouches,
Lenin i Shumov, Picastro, The Blankket,
The Hank Collective, The Phonemes + more!

In The Film They Made Us A Little More Articulate

A slightly different version of the track
“Cold Hands”made its way to this compilation.
Other artists featured on the disc include:
Lou Barlow, One Candle Power, From Fiction,
Weights & Measures, Kitchens & Bathrooms,
North Of America, The Plan, White Star Line
+ The Vermicious Knid + more. This was the

debut release for Escape Goat Records.

Rosco Re-define

A free compilation This compilation was
released for the readers of the Canadian
independent tabloid Rosco. Includes the
track “State”. Other artists on the compilation
include Deep Dark United, More Plastic,
and the Lullabye Arkestra + More.

Electrical Tape DVD Zine – Compilation DVD
Issue #1

6 Artists are profiled on this “digital equivalent
of a paper ‘zine.” Features segments on
The Creeping Nobodies, Les Mouches,
Ratsicule & Consumption Records.
Also features music/video from Anagram
& music/video/images from Montreal’s Les
Angles Morts. This was the debut issue for
Electrical Tape.

Click HERE to be taken to the Bluehouse
to order the new EP and also to order other
things by The Creeping Nobodies.

Rockets Red Glare

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