GoodWeird “Cool Cool Blood” Out on VVN July 27

GOODWEIRDis an ever evolving collective of musicians led by Duane Lauginiger. Born in New Hampshire and raised in Virginia, Duane has been writing songs and playing in bands for 17 years.

His bands The Family, The Spartans, The Octobers in Williamsburg, Va and Harsh Realm, and Boney Loney and the Sacred Teachers in Richmond, introduced southern Virginia to a brand of straight forward rock and roll music, informed by a true love of & gift for song writing in the tradition of the 196o’s. After leaving Virginia in 2001, Duane was an active member of the music scene in Philadelphia for seven years, playing in Teen Slain, 1000 Eagles, the1969, Dark Horse and the Carousels, and The Invisible Friends.

Always while working with numerous groups up & down East Coast USA, Duane continued writing songs as GOODWEIRD (a.k.a. BB GUN, Robes of Alchemy, D.O.P.). Much of this material has gone unheard and unreleased.On “Cool Cool Blood” GOODWEIRD is:
Duane Lauginiger
Alister Perkinson
Jock Hagee
Melissa Parris
Ramona Robbins
Laurie Bland
Evan Klinefelter
Rachel Feigenbutz
Cody Marina
Joe Kusy

 Download “Cool Cool Blood” for free here.

SONGS ON “Cool Cool Blood”:
Dead Dream
The Cave
Chills My Body
The Wasp and the Bees
Wildwood Flower (+)
Puddle For Three
You Want Me
Something on Your Mind (*)

All Songs by Duane Lauginiger except:
(+) = Carter Family
(*) = Karen Dalton

Listen to “Something on Your Mind”, “Puddle for Three”, and “Dead Dream” from “Cool Cool Blood”: