Passovah Summer Festival 2014 Compilation


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100% of proceeds go to the Ange-Aimee Memorial Bursary

Andrew Sisk – History
Ari Swan – Words That Follow
Bantam Wing – Love Will Come Along
Brave Radar – Too long weekend
Caroline Keating – Miseries
Charlotte Cornfield – Aslan
Conservation Status – Chaku Uta
ctznshp – New Dark
Daniel Isaiah – Ogygia
Dear Denizen – Senator
Feefawfum – Sourpuss
Fragile Feet – We Deserve Each Other
Freelove Fenner – In the Sound
Frog Eyes – Claxxon’s Lament
Harvest Soon – Your Kinda Guy
Holland Creek – The Early Stages of Claustrophobia
Holobody – Fireworks
James Irwin – Everything Passed Me By
Jenny Berkel – Like a Rope
Kurvi Tasch – On Firm Ground
L.A. Foster – Could’ve Been 2
Lakes of Canada – Transgressions
Magic vs Science – Wait For The Call
Mehdi Cayenne Club – The Boat
MORI – You Look So Calm When You Come
Nancy Pants – Happy
Nanimal – Fuck California
Neil Holyoak – Red Queen of Autumn
OHARA – Hallways
Pang Attack – Japan Exit
Pigeon Phat – Trust Me Tyler
PS I Love You – Friends Forever
Saxsyndrum – Maceonectar
Silverkeys – The Lamb in the Garden
Sin and Swoon – Oh So Many Years
SLIGHT – The Freakwave
Smokes – Deer in Headlights
Suuns – Minor Work (remix)
Tamara Sandor – Daisy
Technical Kidman – A Stranger Voice
Thanya Iyer – 500 Hours
Two-Year Carnival – Take Me Home
Vesuvio Solo – 18th Parellel
The World Provider – Pam Pam (feat. Chilly Gonzales)
YouYourself&i – Person