Think About Life – Family


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“Family is broken-toy disco rock, served funky, like a big
friendly bowl of
sugary breakfast cereal. Upon a base of hearty synths
and sweaty drums these
tunes bubble with ’80s pop guitar licks and are
bedazzled with
meta-marshmallows of electronic drones and glitchy
samples. This alt-dance
exterior is a framework from which hang
beautifully rhythmic vocals, either
musing empathetically about
high-school lovers and guilt-ridden bus rides or
issuing vaguely
strange missives about mysterious wizards and black
champagne. The tone
is sometimes sly, sometimes frantic but never menacing,
ironic or fey.
Sounds like LCD Sound System, Outkast, Blur, TV on the
, Cars and Quincy Jones-era Michael Jackson done in the ramshackle,
outsider style of Public Enemy’s producers the Bomb Squad. Family
probably as influenced by cartoon theme songs and 8-bit video game
as the L.A. riots. Beyond its charming pop heart and playful
trimmings, Family can also serve as a floatation device in case of

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