Squintfucker Press Releases – Undo – un sperme qui meurt de froid…


Product Description

undo is Christof Migone and Alexandre St-Onge.
microphones. Site: mouths.
The duo’s variations on the
‘microphone in the mouth’ theme (tape hiss on
max, mumbled voices, sub-vocal sounds, etc) are like so many
shades of
grey. Appropriately enough, the track titles are
taken from Samuel
Beckett’s “The Unnamable.”
And the grey cover is something Beckett
himself might shave
‘warmed’ to. (Phil England, The Wire).

squint 00A

undo un sperme qui meurt de froid en agitant faiblement sa petite queue
dans les draps d’un gamin
1. narrow the field of research 1:44

2. born of a wet dream and dead before morning 6:34

3. weary of pleading an incomprehensible cause 7:19

4. pas dans un ventre non plus 3:24

5. avec un écoulement de menaces et promesses 12:02

6. it would smack of bodysnatching 3:34

7. quelques débris d’entendement au milieu 4:48

8. seize me by the horns 13:14