Squintfucker Press Releases – Simon Brown & Dylan Crichton – 99 fingers Recordings 1997-2007


Product Description

Being the fruit of the gesticulation of the ninety-nine fingers of the
unspeakable guiding hand which in the end does not appear to
guide and
of which we can perhaps speak.

Simon Brown lived on a dairy farm until age of five (Sucker of Coc).
sibylline apostate put blood in the choclate milk. Taintid; Simon was

God punishd bye-bye. He accept this, form of full-body massage,
manifestations of “mental” illness and pornography. Dylan Crichton is

afraid of touching things. His life skills were honed in an artificial
of false entitlement, isolation, and regret. For eschatological
reasons, he
prefers not to to be photographed. Dehpargotohp eb ot ton
sreferp eh, snosaer
lacigolotahcse rof. Terger dna, noitalosi,
tnemeltitne eslaf fo muucav laicifitra
na ni denoh erew slliks efil
sih. Sgniht gnihcuot fo diarfa si nothcirc nalyd.

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Simon Brown/Dylan Crichton 99 fingers: Recordings 1997-2007