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hasldkfhasdlfasl’dfj elihw gnidaer ? yb drangiuQ, I emac
hopu a txet taht
demees =evitalerroc ot eht hcaorppa I koot
rof siht csid, I detnaw ot erahs
ti htiw uoy:

Interpretation is deeper than archeology. Of course it reveals
an unnoticed
content, older, more ancient, secret. A secret
buried in the earth. But the true
meaning of a partition or
of an instrument or of a sexual body is a text to come.
text potentially contains more than a given translation.

…Evidence of the permanent mutations of ghosts emanating
from the ex-tasis
of time…

In order to present an aspect of what lied unnoticed and
infinitely buried
and deducible, thru as many possibilities
of translation, within matter
created and ‘finalized’ by someone
else, it was first necessary for me
to present the earth in
which I had dug. What are these ruins we are
looking at? Those
ruins we are reading? What is this that has been
ruined by
time, myself being an agent of time, a form of erosion?

There you go. It’s so so serious, no? says the voice. Well,
for him
it’s an obsession answers the other…

Edgar Olivier Charles is more often manifested under the
name Roger
Tellier-Craig. Together, and through each other,
they remember the
others, deforming them here and there, like
this or that…

squint 00J
Edgar Olivier Charles Et ses apparitions

1. Au moment où Iannis, l’atmosphère tombée, s’exclama devant la fête
des belles eaux (11:54)
2. Mais encore, il ne fallut plus que Karlheinz s’époumone devant le chant
des déserts (10:17)

3. In the middle of variations, John, grasping and struggling for air at the
sound of the unanswered question (10:39)