Squintfucker Press Releases – Cal Crawford – sitting on theories on the frontier of extension


Product Description

Cal Crawford is a performative scientist, an investigator
of phenomenological
minutiae, a squint artist. Akin to Erik
Satie’s advice to the performer of his
Vexations to prepare
oneself with some “serious immobilities”, Crawford

here examines the impossibilities of holding still. For ‘sitting
on theories on
the frontier on extension ‘, his first full
length solo CD, he generated sounds
by sitting on top of a
bundle of blankets with a microphone rolled up into its
This one hour process was his starting point. He did further
by putting bodily pressure of various types of
microphones: in water, clothing,
skin, etc. Pressure was also
created by heat, as in boiling water. The title
on theories on the frontier on extension” refers to Crawford’s
to create a spatially extended recording from acts
that lacked a movement
through space and instead focused on
increasing the distance of/inside
specific points : pressure

As with all squint fucker press publications the CD cover
exhibits an
individual trace, a gesture, an intervention.
In this case, each CD cover
is hammered on a concrete block,
the hit is aimed at the center where
the title is printed.
The hit mightmiss, partially obscure, or obliterate
the title.
The pressure points to itself. It boils over, whistles.

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Cal Crawford
sitting on theories on the frontier of extension
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