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(eca records / clapping music / sleeping star)

01 introduction [mp3 | lyrics]
02 inside the gypsy bar [mp3 | lyrics]
03 giver’s reply [mp3 | lyrics]
04 mixing the potion [lyrics]
05 heavy on my head [lyrics]
06 brother [lyrics]
07 sung with the birds [lyrics)
08 one day, someday [mp3 | lyrics]
09 hot and heavy harmony [lyrics]
10 chesser [lyrics]
11 take flight [lyrics]
12 the coda – france release only [mp3 | lyrics]

–all songs written and performed by ramón vicente alarcón except

recorder on track 07 and accordion on track 08 performed by jerry

macdonald. recorded in weymouth, massachusetts by jerry

–album art: john heron

The Boy Who Floated Freely tells
a story about a boy named Giver

who washes ashore on an island. When
Giver regains consciousness,

he starts to hear music coming from a
nearby village. He immediately

runs after the sound with the little
energy left in his body, hoping to

find people. As the music grows
louder and closer he realizes that it

is coming from inside a small bar
within the village. Upon entering

the bar, Giver is welcomed with a
song played for him by a band of

Gypsies. They ask about Giver, and
what he’s doing there on the island.

After Giver sings them a song
telling them about himself the Gypsies

welcome Giver, and offer him a
place to stay for the night so that he may

regain strength. Giver is
led to his room by a very pretty young girl

named Marcía who has been
ordered to offer Giver a small dose of potion

to help him better sleep.
He accepts, only, the young girl adds a potion that

makes Giver fall in
love with her as well.

When Giver falls asleep, he dreams of his brother and of other things

are heavy on his mind. When he awakes though- he feels light at
heart, and

he and Marcía sing a song together. Giver begins to realize
he’s in love, but

does not feel he is old enough or wise enough to be
suitable for Marcía.

Although the love is there, by the time Giver
truly allows himself to be fully

taken over by his feelings, Marcía’s
love has grown dull. Giver is then left

alone again, light and free as
a paper airplane flying high above the sea.

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