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Maryland Overgrow

Nocarsgo began in the wet swamplands of Virginia, 1998. The group’s line up has
changed over the years, Maryland Overgrow, recorded in Ellicott City, features
Brendan Reed with Molly Reed and Sydney Holly as well as guest performances by
Taiko group SON and the Secrets of Mana. Since moving to Montreal, year 2000,
founding NCG member, Brendan Reed has worked with a number of quality groups,
like Endless Forever, Disaster, and Luv.
Maryland Overgrow was released on 3″ CD January 2008.
Mp3 Version includes 11 songs. Cover by Amber Albrecht. 

Swollen Hand
On Banks of Blood River
Free From
Holding Free
You Have Eyes Now
September Pump
For Miss H Rider
Osage Future
Shared Forever Radley

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