Elfin Saddle – Water Mother EP


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Water Mother EP

Released March 2008, 4 Elfin Saddle tracks recorded during
Gigantic Mother / Wounded Child sessions and
songs recorded January & February 2008.

Released exclusively thru Villa Villa Nola.

Kaila’s Song
Dark Water
Dark Moving Light
Our Wounded Mother

Elfin Saddle is the unusual union of a small Japanese woman, a Canadian woodsman, and a ramshackle pile of objects and instruments. With influences as diverse as outsider art, archival folk recordings, and anime, Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie create a world of their own, inhabited by spirits, extreme weather, gods and goddesses, and other creatures of their respective imaginations

They began working together as visual artists on the west coast of Canada, where they achieved high acclaim for a series of complex installations that involved live plants, motors, air organs, and a lot of found junk. This led them to a similarly creative and collaborative foray in the world of sound. Though each had been writing music of many years previously, their combined approaches as Elfin Saddle has created something completely new.

On their debut album, Gigantic Mother / Wounded Child the instruments range from accordion to ukelele, to musical saw and jangly guitar, all glued together with an array of pulsing drums and tin cans. The end result is a surprisingly melodic acoustic album that brings to mind aspects of Neutral Mil Hotel, Bjork, and Animal Collective, with a sense of arrangement reminiscent of early Krautrock and Brian Wilson. Singing in English and Japanese, the majestic scope of Elfin Saddle takes you to a hidden world that is completely imaginary, yet somehow relevant and strangely real.

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