Echoes Still Singing Limbs – Echoes Still Singing Limbs


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Echoes Still Singing Limbs

New songs by Nick Kuepfer (soylent green, Lungbutter, Curtis, Machtiver,
futurist faith popcorn,
doc savage, Mourning Sickness, puckering rectums,
ontario fruits,
goiter, one candle power, aids wolf, L´ embuscade,
and some work with maxime rioux) released early 2008.
18 Tracks mostly recorded in Argentina.

Camionetta De Frutas en Primavera
Tail Still Moves
The River Isn’t Well
Tierra Santa con Montana Rusa
Blue Pig
Sapos de Tandil
Public Transit
Bus Windows
Perros de Uspallata
Red Sand Market
Corpse in the Wildflowers
Vampyro Project
While Drifting

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