Blue Hawaii – Blooming Summer


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Blue Hawaii
is the blossoming project of Alex Cowan and

Standell-Preston, a side project of her band BRAIDS.
Their debut 
release, “Blooming Summer“, is a studio album
which evolved in 
stages – each song being produced as vocal
and melodic ideas worked 
closely with computer based
applications. Given this, the warmth of 
the electronic element is
shocking. Much care has been taken to ensure 
that no harsh
taste remains from music arisen largely from software 
for dance music. Beautiful, haunting female vocal harmonies 
are layered upon a lush harmonic and rhythmic structure
provided by 
synths, guitars and effected drum machines.
Dream Electrixra
Blue Gowns 
Castle Of Clouds
Lonely Hearts
Sparkle Market
+BONUS TRACKS: Floral & Dream Electrixra Remix 
Listen to Dream Electrixra:
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