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ramona córdova is a project which was started in the fall of 2005 by ramón vicente alarcón:

i remember starting to play the guitar when i was 8 or 9 years old. i had a cheap guitar, that got passed down to my family, which looked like Marty McFly’s guitar, from Back To The Future. i used to just stand around trying to play like he did in the film.

i remember when i was 11, i started getting very interested in photography. this spawned from viewing links on blogs i had found through make out club, and live and candid photos i’d seen on photographer’s websites of the bands i loved. i was excited because the middle school i was about to attend had classes on photography. sadly, my family had to move again and i never had the outlet to properly learn anything about the medium.

i remember too when i was 11, how i first discovered the art of creative writing. i had a teacher named mr. hommel, and he loved to write and to read. he had us writing and reading all the time. it taught me how you can really get lost in this, in a great way, and how you can create something that otherwise wouldn’t exist in your world.

i remember when i was 13 or 14, and my family bought our first computer. eventually i saw beyond the video games and the Mayo Clinic Family Health Encyclopedia that the computer came with, and began to use e.mail for the first time to keep in touch with new friends from florida! this was a huge door to the world of possibilities in internet technology. better yet, eventually i started to make fake ID’s and imitation driver’s licenses on Window’s 95 – Paint Brush. in high school i took a graphic design class in which everyday we would go through the instruction book for adobe photoshop until we were at the book’s end.

then i remember getting caught up in bands that i had from the time i was 14 until i was 21. i had forgotten, or at least pushed aside, the ambition and motivation to do much else besides focusing on having great press photos, and getting the attention of managers, booking agents and labels.

i am so glad that today i am able to remember all that i truly love to do. and so, these days i am focusing on my creative passions in full. i hope that this will be evident in the things i plan to present in the near future.

BAHHHHHHHH!!! blah blah blah… fuck it! i’m a person!

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