This video’s about want & need & the feeling during a particularly conscious instant: moments of discovery, rise to protest, personal needing, freeing, forgiveness, longing, or ultimate regret. There’s a microscopic sound painful to hear, seeking to hear, could we ever bear listening, were we even physically able to bear to hear. The video’s about an instant or moment, like a particle, an instant of PTSD, a cloudless explosion, a blast, something zoomed in on, the moment an STD’s shared. The main character of the movie (hand & eye) has been whispering their whole life. 🙁 Then the child becomes a teen – in the video, they reach out for connection. 🙂 When grown – in the video, everybody’s generally failing but in these blinding instants, the subject of the video, sitting in sound, can share feelings of liberation/satisfaction. The moment in the video, as in other promotional materials & products has been drawn out for pleasure’s sake.