“Oh, Hat Contest” VIDEO

“Oh, Hat Contest” (from the Matrushka Series)

A scattered family has gathered at a ski lodge for a getaway. They spread out to rooms at the lodge, some set up their tents. They play games and engage in activities around the grounds… The little sis of the family is spending time with her friend Tink, in their room. Tink has found an aerial photograph of the surrounding area, there seems to be a river flowing nearby. On the second night, the family attend a show about quilts in the Grand Hall, for entertainment… Meanwhile, a few members are missing from the festivities. A son is in the slammer for a crime he committed against another family member, his little brother who died in the crime… A song performed in the quilt show reminds everyone of the bloody times gone by. After the Quilt Play some of the party go midnight hunting and kill a deer with a direct hit. The dead deer falls down the ravine and the hunters hear a splash… The next day they have a contest to see who can make the best hat. A cousin makes the winner, for it expands upward, high into the sky, infinitely, taller and taller, repeating forever… After the contest the whole party follow the aerial photograph and hike to the river, only to discover it has long since been dammed up and is now home to shimmering bars of healthy kryptonite, an invasive species flourishing in the stagnant water.