Hotel Castle Ruins * Montreal

Everyone, this is a new project, it’s a DIY hostel here in my house @ St. Laurent & Fairmont in Montreal. I’m calling it Hotel Castle Ruins (// I have 5 sets of keys on attractive chains, 2 beds plus extra cots… There’s tea everywhere, good water pressure, heat & AC, a Wii with Zelda & the stereo downstairs has loud power.

Anyway, if you’re looking for space to stick extra friends, visiting bands, artists here for shorter stays: it’s a private room with great common space in an easy location for visitors.

For more info or to make reservation requests & payments, visit //
There are nightly, weekly and monthly rates, all flexible.

H.C.R. is also open for quiet shows, readings, art shows, interview taping? meetings & feasts.

I know this is funny, but if it might work out for visiting friends or acquaintances, send them my way as you wish!!!