“Gorge On Sugarcube!” VIDEO

“Gorge On Sugarcube!” (from the Matrushka Series)

A child’s been sick in the village for too long. His parents have been giving care at home, an herbal remedy, but the child must stay indoors and communicates with his peers only thru letter writing… Word spreads thru the community of a growing pandemic. Debate is underway what to do, who to send to seek medicine or a miracle cure… On the chosen hero’s quest, he unearths an ethnographic video long lost in the storage area of a “monument to suffering.” The video depicts a time of prosperity, joy, and good health. The hero returns with the cure information only to find that news of his quest has sparked competition, amongst the medical community, to heal the village and wipe out the epidemic. Information is spreading and doctors are educating the public about treatment options… A conference for medical professionals is organized in Tampa to discuss various cures.