VVN started after a meeting in september 2007 between clues’
members discussing ways to release the records we’d been making.
work began on VVN soon after, as the site grew closer to ready,
friends joined VVN to play roles, expanding
to the infinite reach you see here today.

in this meantime, clues band fully regrouped, closed ranks & cloaked,
gained momentum, retreated to secrecy, and begun work on new
recordings, for release here on VVN and with constellation records,
label in montreal. this year will see that record released &
clues come further to be.

in october of 2007 a sampler of clues early recordings was leaked
and found its way onto a number of websites. this is that sampler:

Lead Woods Swollen Fit

clues will use VVN as where to distribute alternates, fuckups, demos,
as well as full length releases.

thanks for bearing with the building of VVN and clues coming.