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The Cat The Mouse “Niagara Falls Tape”


VVN presents the golden & now legendary, EP from Fort Collins’ The Cat The Mouse.
Niagara Falls Tape was recorded, as the title suggests, near to the NY & Canadian
border onto Rick’s 4 track cassette. Fredrick Burton III wrote these songs while living &
working in Niagara Falls during the coldest winter in 30 years. The falls froze still
that year for 37 minutes, 4:12am, February 17, 2009. This release features the
The Cat The Mouse members, KJ Johnson, Hugh Browder, and Jason Hogg.

This release costs 5$.

These Same Trees
Ghosts of Habit
Niagara Falls
Easy Solution (to Every Problem)
Fighting Forces With

Listen to “Easy Solution” from Niagara Falls Tape

and “Muppets”