The Buttons


just before a secret show at rob bruces house out near where we’d all camp i was at home on wythe avenue in williamsburg va + gregg was there, we weren’t playing; maybe eating, leeanna showed up this afternoon, heard about rob’s + then and there right then this afternoon decided we could have a band. leeanna played guitar and everyone knew on account of her now and then playing a familiar loved song like frank mills. summertime in the swamp & no one liked us. that night heronymus bosch + bizarro played. outside we 3 decided we could be the nicest band ever. that was 1997. i mixed the four track stuff, and travis will made some cds. when i returned from massachussetts and leeanna was back for the summer we did some other shows- at williamsburg theatre, some at the shed. with good friends: 37, husband wife, willy, incommunicado, the cat / the mouse. another summer yard sale show, leeanna’s back yard again. the week before leeanna left for holland we made sure to record some of that summer’s songs: tiramisu, emelia’s snowflake, downtime, and iquest. in the spring gregg and i joined leeanna in amsterdam and traveled around trying to play. gregg split to baltimore for the next year. we joined up once more the 3 in maryland- UMBC & record one song on the equipment there, with keys as percussion + a snare drum, lyrics were about the trips mostly: the house should be a raft, one i have called matt, one i called fredrick, kidnapped at 15. leeanna & i ate a pickled onion from the shop there in ellicott city. since then leeanna’s been in richmond, washington state, western va, both gregg and me ended up in canada. beloved band the buttons.


the stolen bus 
The Stolen Bus