Pony Up “Stay Gold”

“Recorded in the spring of 2008 at Hotel2Tango studio in Montreal with producer Murray Lightburn (singer/song-writer/producer of the Dears), Pony Up’s Stay Gold, is their most cultivated, mighty & romping release to date.”

“Fusing the playful and satirical energy of their self-titled debut with the melancholic introspection of Make Love to the Judges with your Eyes the ladies have forged a true nonpareil of the late-indie scene. First breaking the songs into their smaller working parts, Lightburn has reincarnated the music in his own pop-noir-romantique image, honing and edifying the group’s arrangements and soundscapes. The sonic topography has become detailed, ornate and sprawling, if not wholly epic in its scope and ferocity. Think here of war-like Athena leading on horseback a cavalry of sirens down your aural canals to take as hostage your heart; think of the mendacious promise to which you knowingly submit, let come the deluge, let come the flame.”

Stay Gold is out  on Laughing Outlaw Records (Australia),
Available for download on VVN NOW.

Pony Up
Stay Gold


Listen to “Charles” from Stay Gold