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Fluorescent Friends Records

We’re committed to offering music with high levels of phase dependency for a non-Euclidian experience. Canceling all mono information on a FF release may induce vomiting.

  • Past eventsEarthunder
    Get a life
  • dear music fansin the springtime of 2004, dreamcatcher received the call of destiny and jammed for the first time. the fruits of this jam were captured on tape, and came to be EYES OF LEATHERFACEin 2005, bidden by american tapes, they descended into the swamp and begat PROM NIGHTwhile these works were originally distributed in limited numbers on cassette, they are now, thanks to the great mind(s) behind angle.REC, available to YOU in MASS numbers on CLEAR ARCHIVAL QUALITY 180 GRAM FATTY VINYL!!

  • Cool Fest pictures !!
    Dec 15 16 at La Brique

    There will be FF kiosk will plenty mas scwag ie goods for sale for your pleasure
    Come find a find for your mind at the *COOL FEST*

  • ### benefit show ###Siege Machine
    Cousins of Reggae

    Dec 1 La Brique
    music starts at 9:30
    Pay what you can

  • fall 2007
    eqrthunder photos ^page below;; check it out
    check out this french keyboqrd

    new releqeses cousins of reggae quartx: and others
    LP has arriced qnd is in qssembly

    émilie est de retour de Tarbes

    out now: Métis Yéti 7″ edition of 13

  • summer 2008
    hi please see new shipping info

    Earthunder products coming soon. Email [email protected] if you played at Earthunder and want to get some.

    The tape duplicator has run into problems, so it has been supplemented with upgraded record priduction. Limited quantities available. or in some cases, unlimited; email for details. LPs graded “78” on the goldmine scale, and improving. FF compyLPs feature wiggle-locks and skip-overs as well as lecture loopers and slow-downs.

    new ! FF splits ! Aum Sahib and Buttsavage grace the first. Aums are Middle Eastern alternative, theirs is Vol. 22. Buttsavage are guitars and drums jammin’ out free improv for skatin’ and beachin’ in Orlando.

    new ! FF DJ series ! First is Thames Vol VIII, a world music mixtape with each member of Thames taking a side. 90 min.

    Contrary to popular belief and guru opinion, the noise scene is just the most exciting thing out there right now. Get into noise on the ground floor, brand new style of music, totally original. Want to dig the Montreal noise scene at point blank range? you want Rumble Pack Attack 2007 CD/CASS/LP. Four rumble pack soloists, one show, Dave Bryant on soundboard. Dig the noise scene, faders. Samples available soon on the downloads page.

    NEW Downloads page. Free music to feed your soul. Please take the time to consider making a donation for this free music. It may be possible to continue offering it for free indefinitely with frequent updates if donations are recieved.