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Ramona Córdova + Space Ghost Cowboys + Rebecca Foon + Zombé Mugambe + Zsofia Zambo

Villa Villa Nola / NowItsRuined / / Clues Group Present:
Ramona Córdova + Space Ghost Cowboys + Rebecca Foon + Zombé Mugambe + Zsofia Zambo
November 13, 2010
9 pm

Montréal, QC

5$ / PayWhatYouCan

Ramona Córdova

Space Ghost Cowboys

Rebecca Foon

Zombé Mugambe
(Nic Scribner / Julia Lewandoski / Hrair Hratchian / Neil Holyoak / Jon Paradise)

Zsofia Zambo


Choir Sing Bell Ring

Characterized by a departure from realistic characters and situations, the plays offer no clear notion of the time or place in which the action occurs. Characters are often nameless and seem interchangeable.

Events are completely outside the realm of rational motivation and may have a nightmarish quality.

At other times, both dialogue and incidents may appear as completely nonsensical, even farcical. However, beneath the surface the works explore themes of loneliness and isolation, of the failure of individuals to connect with others in any meaningful way, and of the senselessness and absurdity of life and death.

Competition Among Men

hi brendan, i just received this e.mail about villa villa nola
domains. it sounds like maybe they want to use the domain, but it
says it's owned? by you, me? i don't know. it's up to you to
decifer as spam or what. hope all is well. i'm recording a new
album, i'll write more soon. send my friendly hello to all XXX XXXX

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When to Reach 4

“…The subject of employers googling  potential employees came up today. My current employer made it perfectly clear that they did, in fact, google me before I got hired. I was embarrassed. For gits and shiggles, I googled myself today. I swear I dont get paid each time I type the word “google”. I found a post about me on VVN. Whoa. Yes, I live in Raleigh and am doing fine. A band, a wife, a few kids, a job, a house etc. So now on to the important stuff, ish records. Or fabulous ish records. Or was it ish entertainment? Regardless, it was headquartered at various apartments and houses around Williamsburg. We never had a Froggy Bottom address. We were near a ravine and a palm reader, but never a swamp. The frogs and the swamp funk woulda put some crazy mojo on our “everything’s a dollar” cassette tapes. It looks like ish is still releasing music. Can ya believe it?
// …”

“Hi, my family and I were recently vacationing in North Carolina and ran into an old friend by the name of Joel Lindelof.  He told me about your site and said that some of the information might be somewhat inaccurate.  So without any further ado…

Joel’s record label was called “Ish Records.”  Calling it a record label is a bit of a stretch, as it was essentially the same 4 or 5 people doing a million bands and making tapes more or less for each other and our friends.  Jolly Mortals were not really an Ish band, nor did we (to my knowledge) have any rivals in Williamsburg.
Tony Brown was in several Ish bands, and did indeed go on to be in the band RPG.

No one from any Ish bands later went on to be in Action Patrol.  Eve, the drummer of Action Patrol, was in a band called Sistersound which featured Dave Garrett from Thee Squids (Ish band), but that’s as far as the connection goes.

Personally, I was in a few Ish bands myself (one of which was called Star Trap with Joel Lindelof), and later went on to be in a band called Ultimate Dragons, who essentially kicked me out, replaced me, and called themselves The Sword.

Whirled Records put out the Quadruped 7″ which was a comp of 4 bands, including Jolly Mortals.  Their second release was a full length Jolly Mortals 7″.  I’m actually selling a Quadruped on ebay, the auction closes tomorrow methinks.  Whirled went on to put out Action Patrol and Maximillian Colby.
The brownie made of human feces is a funny story, though it doesn’t involve anyone from Jolly Mortals.  A girl made a brownie from her excrement wrapped it in plastic wrap and left it at the doorstep of Dave Grant – the singer of Action Patrol.  Don’t get me wrong, us Mortals types did plenty of disgusting things, but this was not one of them.
It’s an honor that anyone would write anything about a band that broke up over 15 years ago.  Currently, I am in a band called Ratking; the bassist of Jolly Mortals is(?) in a band called Gilmore Guys, and the drummer of Jolly Mortals moved to LA and works on movies.
– D “

JOlly MOrtals + Lindeloft + Rival BANDS

When I was a kid there was this guy: Joel Lindellof, lindelloft… i dunno,, he had a record label, a tape label, he lived in the swamp section of town, called froggy bottom i think. His label’s name is unknown to me but they had jolly mortals I think and Brian Campus’ (son of gym teacher Coach Campus) band and there were many tapes out. So many tapes and they were all made by the same 5 gentlemen & big muff. Later people from this went on to RPG or Action Patrol?, or a stones throw… certain massive swords. Joel and I were never friends… I now think that tape label, name unknown, was of great inspiration to the VVN staff… I’m wondering if his copying skills, ability to make copies, was not a key lesson in the making then there. I’m going to do a simple Google search and paste here my findings. I am looking deep into time and real far away place, will you join me on a journey… I don’t think i will find much….

I looked up the jolly mortals and found this video… Whirled records is listed there and I remember that label… but that was not Joel’s…


Error? I don’t know why…

There was story around the school about the Mortals gentlemen requesting all thee members of the band shit into a garbage bag… the band chef then proceeded to make brownies of shit. They cut up these brownies & sent them off to a rival band.

I am going to look up “joel lindelloff + jolly mortals”.

Okay, so his name was Joel Lindelof. I have clicked on a link to an article or someone’s blog…

I have found him. I found out what he is doing now and I know it is him because I recognize another name from his current band based in North Carolina. Raleigh NC, a cherished memory.

“Oh, Hat Contest” VIDEO

“Oh, Hat Contest” (from the Matrushka Series)

A scattered family has gathered at a ski lodge for a getaway. They spread out to rooms at the lodge, some set up their tents. They play games and engage in activities around the grounds… The little sis of the family is spending time with her friend Tink, in their room. Tink has found an aerial photograph of the surrounding area, there seems to be a river flowing nearby. On the second night, the family attend a show about quilts in the Grand Hall, for entertainment… Meanwhile, a few members are missing from the festivities. A son is in the slammer for a crime he committed against another family member, his little brother who died in the crime… A song performed in the quilt show reminds everyone of the bloody times gone by. After the Quilt Play some of the party go midnight hunting and kill a deer with a direct hit. The dead deer falls down the ravine and the hunters hear a splash… The next day they have a contest to see who can make the best hat. A cousin makes the winner, for it expands upward, high into the sky, infinitely, taller and taller, repeating forever… After the contest the whole party follow the aerial photograph and hike to the river, only to discover it has long since been dammed up and is now home to shimmering bars of healthy kryptonite, an invasive species flourishing in the stagnant water.

“Gorge On Sugarcube!” VIDEO

“Gorge On Sugarcube!” (from the Matrushka Series)

A child’s been sick in the village for too long. His parents have been giving care at home, an herbal remedy, but the child must stay indoors and communicates with his peers only thru letter writing… Word spreads thru the community of a growing pandemic. Debate is underway what to do, who to send to seek medicine or a miracle cure… On the chosen hero’s quest, he unearths an ethnographic video long lost in the storage area of a “monument to suffering.” The video depicts a time of prosperity, joy, and good health. The hero returns with the cure information only to find that news of his quest has sparked competition, amongst the medical community, to heal the village and wipe out the epidemic. Information is spreading and doctors are educating the public about treatment options… A conference for medical professionals is organized in Tampa to discuss various cures.