2001: Cavelle is a 3 piece band featuring Victoria Morrison, Marc Lucas, and Alana Coates.

2002: Cavelle, the band, plays 2 shows (both at barfly!) and fizzles out gently and amicably. The experimental Cavelle solo recordings are started on a 4-track in the fall of 2002, with all songs written from the point of view of a 7-year-old girl.

2003: Home recording continues. Big thanks to Myles Broscoe for long-term use of his 4-track!

2004: Cavelle plays first solo show as part of an Art Matters, “children of the 80s” soirée. Several mandatory moustache hosted events featuring Cavelle follow.

2005: Cavelle plays her only show of the year as part of the Pop Montreal music festival, with Kickers, Telefauna, and The Hot Springs.

2006: Cavelle takes a long nap.

2007: January 31 gives way to a Victoria Morrison solo performance as part of a Guided by Voices tribute night; this show might not have been played as Cavelle, but Cavelle was there in spirit.

2008: Cavelle is revived with 8 of the little girl songs performed on may 22.


Tongues are for Talking:


Huge quiet locks, mouth wired shut, all bets are off, nothing is lost, alphabetizing my toy box. I’ll be untying my shoes for the tongue. I have all the time in the world today.

Viewmaster Master:

viewmaster master

The window is big and tall but the list of things to look at is small. oh well, let’s get out the viewmaster today; let’s get out the viewmaster, the reels, and a cape. the window is oh so tall but the list of things to look at is small oh well let’s get out the viewmaster. i’m a viewmaster master, just click to sound a new 3d picture. face the light from the window seat, i’ve got heavy feet and i’m a viewmaster master today, I’m a viewmaster master right here in my cape. the window is big and tall and the list of things to look at is not so small…

Simple City:

simple city

Half happy whistle, singing till the good and simple hides behind a cloud and wrinkles, dead as any great great grandpa, half happy whistle half the time, singing to yourself is simple, half happy hisses when the water runs cause here we go again. I’ve got to go to sleep again. Another day is done and damn, i’ve got to go to sleep again. half happy whistle, take it all away and then some days spent like this are simple, journey to the good and simple, half happy whistle, simple cities built with lego.

Questions, Questions:

Questions, Questions

Question crazy, not a word, tell me how do you grow your hair so long? how do you? where’s your dad, where’s your dad and what does your mom do? Question crazy, if looks could kill, not a word from you, where’s your dad and what does your mom do? Sit still for 8 more questions, can a day spent like this still be a holiday? People unmet, with clothes so somber, smiles faked, forced, fed. words unsaid, just get a chuckle, is that a haircut? Hat haired head, here the hands come invading my space to turn my face red. Escapes are always late, these days are all too long.

Sleeves Turn Pink and Blue:


all the suits and ties say look at me, you’ve got your mommy’s eyes, I have them all the time, hanging in my no mess, messy room, dancing with the dancing broom. All the suits and ties hang out in rooms with complicated minds, while I hang out in mine, hang man on the chalkboard sleeves turn pink and blue. if all I have is me myself and I, I have all that I need.

Candy Store:

Candy Store

I think i can i think i can cause i read it in a book somewhere I think I threw away. i think i can i think i can cause i read it in a book somewhere my mommy threw away. Am i good yet? have I waited long enough? not a peep, I know, cause it’s the end of your rope today… But it’s the end of your rope every single day! are we there yet, are we there yet? as we tiptoe down to the candy store chain. are you back yet, are you back yet? with paper bags that always all look the same. are we there yet? we scream out loud all day. are you back yet? no we don’t go along cause you always get the same thing anyway, for a change.

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