Basketball * MAW {+ Remixes} – OUT NOW

“In a time warp of traditional and ancient patterns synchronized with futurist paradigms, this album conjures up a tapestry of shamanic disco coupled with hypnotic and nocturnal hooks. From the Persian scales to the gypsy-esque spirit, their live performances, like pseudo-religious rituals, induce mass dancing, roping bodies into possession. Many days and nights of tracking a near copy of their live shows have culminated in a sonic opus, a revelry that will continue far after the sun has come up. This record will suitably re-enact the experience of the moon-soaked masses grinding away during the band’s notorious illegal park parties. Their cargo: drum machines, a constellation of percussion, Turkish zurna, and electric guitar, anchored by deep bass and cloaked with snaking vocals.”

Remixes by Andy Dixon, Taal Mala, Ben Ulis and Ao Olm sustain the rising of chrome pyramids.