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City Dragon – “Turing Patterns” Free Download – December 21 on VVN

Turing Patterns is the first release from City Dragon, the solo project of Max Kaario.  Saxophone, recorders and percussion amplified, looped, and filtered, the six tracks are the product of improvisations recorded in bars and practice spaces around Paris during the fall of 2012.

Download here.

Turing Patterns

1. Treemale
2. Pitt Meadows
3. Placenta Thrills
4. That
5. Backyard Poodle
6. How to Approach an Institution?


City Dragon

Honor Gavin

Honor Gavin @ WWBA

“For Birmingham Central Library and for Gravelly Hill Interchange (better known as Spaghetti Junction), two new tracks by wwba’s Honor GavinBCL & Yes Manzoni. The accompanying photographs show the same precise location, paced by time and concrete. Featuring Nick Dobson on drums and multivarious percussion. Masterfully mixed by Andrew Halford.”