June 08 # Shalabi Effect + Volcano The Bear # Sala Rossa


Shalabi Effect began in 1996 as a duo composed of Anthony Seck and Sam Shalabi. The duo played around town for a couple of years and released a cassette recording (still available as a CD-R). In 1998, Shalabi Effect added Alexandre St Onge on double bass and Will Eizlini on tablas. That year, ‘Aural Florida’ was recorded at Red Rocket Studios in Montreal, and was originally slated to be a side of a split-CD produced by Alien8 Recordings. Nearing Y2K, Shalabi Effect recorded for a second time at One Hand Studios in Ottawa, and by July 2000 had released ‘Shalabi Effect/ST’, which incorporated a remixed version of ‘Aural Florida’ embedded among the 131 minutes. ‘Shalabi Effect/ST’ continues in the tradition of live improvisation based on Middle Eastern modes but Shalabi Effect‘s approach has become more experimental with the inclusion of strange semi broken electronics and a variety of odd instruments. They have since released three other albums : ‘Trial of St Orange’ (2002), ‘Pink Abyss’ (2004) and ‘Unfortunately’ (2005).



Volcano The Bear was formed in May 1995, in Leicester, England, by Daniel Padden, Laurence Coleman, Nick Mott and Aaron Moore. These four musicians encountered frustrations with the limitations of traditional musical endeavors and sought an outlet that could defy convention. Volcano The Bear quickly became the platform for their total artistic freedom and personal expression, where they could explore collective ideas and interests in a new and inventive manner.

The music that came forth from this collective ideology was a beautiful cross-section of the English underground of years past (Robert Wyatt, This Heat, Nurse With Wound) alongside the rhythms of Can, the trickery of Faust and a Residents-like surrealist bent. Volcano the Bear adapt these lofty inspirations into a sound that is distinctly their own creation, one that blurs the lines between songs, composition, noise and improvisation.

Volcano The Bear’s own Volucan imprint was home to their first recordings, released in limited cassette and CD-R formats. Glowing reviews in magazines like Wire and Audion quickly expanded the group’s fan base, and soon Volcano The Bear released the mini-LP ‘Yak Folks Y’Are’ on the Pickled Egg label. Devout fans included United Dairies/Nurse With Wound mastermind Steven Stapleton, who made Volcano The Bear the first non-NWW release on his label in nearly a decade. Their first US release was ‘The One Burned Ma’, on the Misra label.


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