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Dishwasher presents “Peace Signs”.

Dishwasher presents “Peace Signs”.

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  1. Yuki


    I have some suggestions: come to it with an iietntnon and a mantra. Repeating the mantra is something to keep your “busy mind” occupied and the iietntnon is whatever you want to turn your mind toward. When you first come to it, spend a minute or so acknowledging whatis happening, being aware of how you feel physically, how you feel emotionally, and what is on your mind. There is no right thing in this acknowledging. Maybe you are tired, mad, and distracted. Be that, without trying to fight it. Then begin with the mantra and iietntnons. If you have various levels/topics to address in your iietntnon, use a chime or something to remind you to move on, or beads, or counted strokes of the cat’s fur. If you are feeling afraid, or in pain and can’t get away from it, sometimes it can feel better to use a form of Mitry meditation, where you allow your fear/pain to represent every one’s fear/pain. You carry it for a while, and then release it. It doesn’t stop existing, but someone else carries it.

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