I’M YELLING ON THE INTERNET!!!! also known as Dj little girGirl with global delay…also play noise in ThUNdraH band !!!….other wise i am a lo-fi, hack sound machine…. one girl …couple of shitty amps….cheesy keyboard on the right, guitar on left, shitty mics, drums on feet, toy instuments bent–up, loops loops loops, reel 2 reels, vocals, narration, sometimes a soundtrack for popular NFB filmstrips—-the beaver, the story of oil (1950’s) Can be found as the current tour drummer in Hrsta…banging crap on the new carla bozulich album…once sang in the tra la la choir..which can be found somewhere on a silver mount zion record…yelled something on a tricky woo record once….Also a drummer for many popular bands in the past… many many many past projects (Unitard, The Degenerators, Molasses, Anabelle Chvostek, Jordi Rosen, queen size shag, josephene knot, steve godin, lisa gamble, lake of stew, …..the list goes on a lot!! including fictitous projects such as lap top dancer, some cumbia band) many instruments, many good times………blah blah blah GAMBLETRON - in berlin - & eine dame namens nase

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