Blue Hawaii * Blooming Summer

Blue HawaiiBlooming Summer

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Blue Hawaii is the blossoming project of Alex Cowan and Raphaelle Standell-Preston, a side project of her band BRAIDS. Their debut release, “Blooming Summer”, is a studio album which evolved in stages – each song being produced as vocal and melodic ideas worked closely with computer based applications. Given this, the warmth of the electronic element is shocking. Much care has been taken to ensure that no harsh taste remains from music arisen largely from software intended for dance music. Beautiful, haunting female vocal harmonies are layered upon a lush harmonic and rhythmic structure provided by synths, guitars and effected drum machines.

Listen to Floral (Bonus Track):



Braids inaugural interview posted on Black Light Times!! a new BLOG to capture bands and other artists in their perfect state! The premise & mission of the site is simple: film interviews under black light, have effects on the microphone. One will not hear & see everything but what you do hear & see will be under black light with effects on the microphone, like twins sharing thoughts and eyes!


Think About Life * Sweet 16 * REMIXES

Think About Life presents Sweet Sixteen Remix x3.
Three remixes:

KarnCadence Weapon | & a collaboration between Lynn T & MhMhMh.


Think About LifeSweet 16 (Karn Noseguard Remix):
Think About Life- Sweet 16 (Karn Noseguard Remix)

Think About LifeSweet 16 (Cadence Weapon Remix):Think About Life – Sweet 16 (Cadence Weapon Remix)

Think About LifeSweet 16 (LynnT & MhMhMh Remix):
Think ABout Life – Sweet 16 (LynnT & MhMhMh Remix)

Download all 3 Here.


Double Doux * Mnnotaurrrrrr

VVN presents Double Doux – Mnnotaurrrrrr
New release for December 2010.

Double Doux is Willie Brisco (Frankfurt, Germany) & Max Kaario (Paris, France).
This record was recorded live to four track, 2 mics, no overdubs.
Drums & Saxophone. Preview some of the first song, “Side A “:
01 Excerpt from _Side A_

and the second: “Touch Your Bones to the Floor“:
02 Excerpt from _Touch Your Bones to the Floor_

5 Dollars for this release, exclusive to VVN. <)>

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the Breezes * U M H

The Breezes’ Update My High is a compilation of self-released limited-edition EPs the band recorded and put out: summer 2010. U.M.H. is “a mostly instrumental journey …equal parts bedroom psychedelia… homemade beat tapes… layered head-nod…”

Listen to “DEPTH”:
07 Depth

The Breezes – “Update My High”
1. Intro (update my high)
2. Greenhouse Visit
3. Heat Wave
4. Night Beach
5. Africa
6. Height
7. Depth
8. Width
9. Chancellor in the Building
10. Oceans
11. Pigeons in the Park

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Ramona Córdova + Space Ghost Cowboys + Rebecca Foon + Zombé Mugambe + Zsofia Zambo

Villa Villa Nola / NowItsRuined / / Clues Group Present:
Ramona Córdova + Space Ghost Cowboys + Rebecca Foon + Zombé Mugambe + Zsofia Zambo
November 13, 2010
9 pm

Montréal, QC

5$ / PayWhatYouCan

Ramona Córdova

Space Ghost Cowboys

Rebecca Foon

Zombé Mugambe
(Nic Scribner / Julia Lewandoski / Hrair Hratchian / Neil Holyoak / Jon Paradise)

Zsofia Zambo