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Honor Gavin @ WWBA

“For Birmingham Central Library and for Gravelly Hill Interchange (better known as Spaghetti Junction), two new tracks by wwba’s Honor GavinBCL & Yes Manzoni. The accompanying photographs show the same precise location, paced by time and concrete. Featuring Nick Dobson on drums and multivarious percussion. Masterfully mixed by Andrew Halford.”


GoodWeird “Cool Cool Blood” Out on VVN July 27

GOODWEIRDis an ever evolving collective of musicians led by Duane Lauginiger. Born in New Hampshire and raised in Virginia, Duane has been writing songs and playing in bands for 17 years.

His bands The Family, The Spartans, The Octobers in Williamsburg, Va and Harsh Realm, and Boney Loney and the Sacred Teachers in Richmond, introduced southern Virginia to a brand of straight forward rock and roll music, informed by a true love of & gift for song writing in the tradition of the 196o’s. After leaving Virginia in 2001, Duane was an active member of the music scene in Philadelphia for seven years, playing in Teen Slain, 1000 Eagles, the1969, Dark Horse and the Carousels, and The Invisible Friends.

Always while working with numerous groups up & down East Coast USA, Duane continued writing songs as GOODWEIRD (a.k.a. BB GUN, Robes of Alchemy, D.O.P.). Much of this material has gone unheard and unreleased.On “Cool Cool Blood” GOODWEIRD is:
Duane Lauginiger
Alister Perkinson
Jock Hagee
Melissa Parris
Ramona Robbins
Laurie Bland
Evan Klinefelter
Rachel Feigenbutz
Cody Marina
Joe Kusy

 Download “Cool Cool Blood” for free here.

SONGS ON “Cool Cool Blood”:
Dead Dream
The Cave
Chills My Body
The Wasp and the Bees
Wildwood Flower (+)
Puddle For Three
You Want Me
Something on Your Mind (*)

All Songs by Duane Lauginiger except:
(+) = Carter Family
(*) = Karen Dalton

Listen to “Something on Your Mind”, “Puddle for Three”, and “Dead Dream” from “Cool Cool Blood”:


Public forum on the status of electronic equipment in Montreal

A collaboration between articule and the Artifact Institute, this interdisciplinary event will explore perspectives on the consumption, use, disposal, repair, re-use and obsolescence of electronic equipment. The forum will consider how the Montreal community is responding to the ever-increasing volume of electronic equipment that is perceived as obsolete, valueless or disposable, and engage the wider contexts of these issues.

Public forum on the status of electronic equipment in Montreal


Jen Reimer & Max Stein @ Suoni Per Il Popolo 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012 - 11:59pm @ St. Urbain Underpass - Mtl. QC
Jen and Max met in 2008. With a shared interest in reverberant spaces and urban soundscapes, they began collaborating on a series of site specific performances for horn and live electronics. Their compositions are conceived, composed, rehearsed, performed and recorded in the spaces themselves, resulting in a soundmass of layered harmonies and field recordings that blend into the surrounding soundscape. They have created performances in the New City Gas building, Griffintown, the rotunda in the Square Victoria Metro Station and in the Saint Urbain underpass. They will release their LP on June 11 during the Suoni per Il Popolo Festival, 2012. ( on Noisy Kitchen & VVN) www.jenreimer.com

Basketball * MAW {+ Remixes} – OUT NOW

“In a time warp of traditional and ancient patterns synchronized with futurist paradigms, this album conjures up a tapestry of shamanic disco coupled with hypnotic and nocturnal hooks. From the Persian scales to the gypsy-esque spirit, their live performances, like pseudo-religious rituals, induce mass dancing, roping bodies into possession. Many days and nights of tracking a near copy of their live shows have culminated in a sonic opus, a revelry that will continue far after the sun has come up. This record will suitably re-enact the experience of the moon-soaked masses grinding away during the band’s notorious illegal park parties. Their cargo: drum machines, a constellation of percussion, Turkish zurna, and electric guitar, anchored by deep bass and cloaked with snaking vocals.”

Remixes by Andy Dixon, Taal Mala, Ben Ulis and Ao Olm sustain the rising of chrome pyramids.




This video’s about want & need & the feeling during a particularly conscious instant: moments of discovery, rise to protest, personal needing, freeing, forgiveness, longing, or ultimate regret. There’s a microscopic sound painful to hear, seeking to hear, could we ever bear listening, were we even physically able to bear to hear. The video’s about an instant or moment, like a particle, an instant of PTSD, a cloudless explosion, a blast, something zoomed in on, the moment an STD’s shared. The main character of the movie (hand & eye) has been whispering their whole life. 🙁 Then the child becomes a teen – in the video, they reach out for connection. 🙂 When grown – in the video, everybody’s generally failing but in these blinding instants, the subject of the video, sitting in sound, can share feelings of liberation/satisfaction. The moment in the video, as in other promotional materials & products has been drawn out for pleasure’s sake.



Grimes Geidi Primes
“has a strange air of being created unconsciously…It is a vastly intriguing set of pop tunes highlighted by its amazing fifth and sixth songs: “avi” and “Feyd Rautha Dark Heart”, which are each frighteningly reminiscent of an unaccountable psychic experience…it touches on many different tones without exploiting any. It manages to be playful without being precious, clean without being sterile, cryptic without being obscure, and operates in a deceptively complex melodic structure without calling attention to the artistry therein… a small child, listening to adult contemporary radio in the back seat of your mother’s minivan when a special kind of song comes on. You are still maddeningly susceptible to the sympathetic rise and fall of a maternal voice, yet this is a different sort of mother, one more primeval and distant. Icily it falls over your entire body, begging for an escape you know you cannot give it… It calls to mind the glowering of a child king amidst the many vestments and decorations of his coronation.” – Arbutus Records

ON SALE here.

“…Grimes can be the soundtrack to a witch hunt and a tape dub from a night at Danceteria simultaneously. She harnesses dark and light…”Wereglid” opens with synths that sound like plates falling and disintegrating. This gives way to vocal pitching, ominous pads, delayed drum programming and, despite any sonic abstraction, could still be said to fit neatly within a traditional pop song structure.” – Arbutus Records

ON SALE here.

Listen to Weregild:

Hotel Castle Ruins * Montreal

Everyone, this is a new project, it’s a DIY hostel here in my house @ St. Laurent & Fairmont in Montreal. I’m calling it Hotel Castle Ruins (http://www.hotelcastleruins.com). I have 5 sets of keys on attractive chains, 2 beds plus extra cots… There’s tea everywhere, good water pressure, heat & AC, a Wii with Zelda & the stereo downstairs has loud power.

Anyway, if you’re looking for space to stick extra friends, visiting bands, artists here for shorter stays: it’s a private room with great common space in an easy location for visitors.

For more info or to make reservation requests & payments, visit http://www.hotelcastleruins.com.
There are nightly, weekly and monthly rates, all flexible.

H.C.R. is also open for quiet shows, readings, art shows, interview taping? meetings & feasts.

I know this is funny, but if it might work out for visiting friends or acquaintances, send them my way as you wish!!!