Basketball * MAW {+ Remixes} – OUT NOW

“In a time warp of traditional and ancient patterns synchronized with futurist paradigms, this album conjures up a tapestry of shamanic disco coupled with hypnotic and nocturnal hooks. From the Persian scales to the gypsy-esque spirit, their live performances, like pseudo-religious rituals, induce mass dancing, roping bodies into possession. Many days and nights of tracking a [...]


This video’s about want & need & the feeling during a particularly conscious instant: moments of discovery, rise to protest, personal needing, freeing, forgiveness, longing, or ultimate regret. There’s a microscopic sound painful to hear, seeking to hear, could we ever bear listening, were we even physically able to bear to hear. The video’s about [...]


Grimes – Geidi Primes “has a strange air of being created unconsciously…It is a vastly intriguing set of pop tunes highlighted by its amazing fifth and sixth songs: “avi” and “Feyd Rautha Dark Heart”, which are each frighteningly reminiscent of an unaccountable psychic experience…it touches on many different tones without exploiting any. It manages to be playful without [...]

Hotel Castle Ruins * Montreal

Everyone, this is a new project, it’s a DIY hostel here in my house @ St. Laurent & Fairmont in Montreal. I’m calling it Hotel Castle Ruins ( I have 5 sets of keys on attractive chains, 2 beds plus extra cots… There’s tea everywhere, good water pressure, heat & AC, a Wii with Zelda & the [...]

Blue Hawaii * Blooming Summer

Blue Hawaii – Blooming Summer $5 on VVN here. Blue Hawaii is the blossoming project of Alex Cowan and Raphaelle Standell-Preston, a side project of her band BRAIDS. Their debut release, “Blooming Summer”, is a studio album which evolved in stages – each song being produced as vocal and melodic ideas worked closely with computer [...]


Braids inaugural interview posted on Black Light Times!! a new BLOG to capture bands and other artists in their perfect state! The premise & mission of the site is simple: film interviews under black light, have effects on the microphone. One will not hear & see everything but what you do hear & see will be under [...]

Double Doux * Mnnotaurrrrrr

VVN presents Double Doux – Mnnotaurrrrrr New release for December 2010. Double Doux is Willie Brisco (Frankfurt, Germany) & Max Kaario (Paris, France). This record was recorded live to four track, 2 mics, no overdubs. Drums & Saxophone. Preview some of the first song, “Side A “: 01 Excerpt from _Side A_ and the second: “Touch [...]

the Breezes * U M H

The Breezes’ Update My High is a compilation of self-released limited-edition EPs the band recorded and put out: summer 2010. U.M.H. is “a mostly instrumental journey …equal parts bedroom psychedelia… homemade beat tapes… layered head-nod…” Listen to “DEPTH”: 07 Depth The Breezes – “Update My High” 1. Intro (update my high) 2. Greenhouse Visit 3. [...]

Ramona Córdova + Space Ghost Cowboys + Rebecca Foon + Zombé Mugambe + Zsofia Zambo

Villa Villa Nola / NowItsRuined / / Clues Group Present: Ramona Córdova + Space Ghost Cowboys + Rebecca Foon + Zombé Mugambe + Zsofia Zambo November 13, 2010 9 pm HOTEL CASTLE RUINS Montréal, QC 5$ / PayWhatYouCan Ramona Córdova Space Ghost Cowboys Rebecca Foon Zombé Mugambe (Nic Scribner / Julia Lewandoski [...]