JOlly MOrtals + Lindeloft + Rival BANDS

When I was a kid there was this guy: Joel Lindellof, lindelloft… i dunno,, he had a record label, a tape label, he lived in the swamp section of town, called froggy bottom i think. His label’s name is unknown to me but they had jolly mortals I think and Brian Campus’ (son of gym teacher Coach Campus) band and there were many tapes out. So many tapes and they were all made by the same 5 gentlemen & big muff. Later people from this went on to RPG or Action Patrol?, or a stones throw… certain massive swords. Joel and I were never friends… I now think that tape label, name unknown, was of great inspiration to the VVN staff… I’m wondering if his copying skills, ability to make copies, was not a key lesson in the making then there. I’m going to do a simple Google search and paste here my findings. I am looking deep into time and real far away place, will you join me on a journey… I don’t think i will find much….

I looked up the jolly mortals and found this video… Whirled records is listed there and I remember that label… but that was not Joel’s…


Error? I don’t know why…

There was story around the school about the Mortals gentlemen requesting all thee members of the band shit into a garbage bag… the band chef then proceeded to make brownies of shit. They cut up these brownies & sent them off to a rival band.

I am going to look up “joel lindelloff + jolly mortals”.

Okay, so his name was Joel Lindelof. I have clicked on a link to an article or someone’s blog…

I have found him. I found out what he is doing now and I know it is him because I recognize another name from his current band based in North Carolina. Raleigh NC, a cherished memory.

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