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LTS – Independent Online Ticketing

Our web-based solution for independent online ticketing was developed by members of the Montreal music community & created in partnership with Suoni Per Il Popolo (experimental music festival) & the venues La Sala Rossa and Casa Del Popolo and HelloEveryone.Org, in Montreal.

We built LTS to meet the growing need within the independent music & arts community for a tailored online ticket sales + management system. In the face of larger ticketing companies with corporate-style service, exclusivity contracts, inflated overhead, and high transaction fees… we’d been looking for a truly independent, flexible & cost-effective solution to selling tickets to shows online. We got working on our own solution & once we had something that really worked, we wanted to share it.

We’ve designed our system to be flexible, reliable, easy to use, and free. LTS is not only free – venues, festivals, & promoters actually generate income… while not frustrating, insulting, or gouging the people that support them.

The look, feel, and functionality of your online copy of LTS is highly customizable & works how you need it to. We’re convinced that technology need not be expensive, slow or complicate your workflow.

We’re artists, musicians, promoters, venue owners, designers, & developers. We’re interested in helping organizations work efficiently while upholding the ethical, economic, and cultural ideals that lead them to work in the arts everyday.

VVN Download Records

Villa Villa Nola Download Records
opened at in 2008 to sell recordings online, avoiding manufacturing & distribution costs. As of February 2012, 11,261 digital records have through the site. We’ll continue the virtual distribution project but have expanded our store to allow for the sale and shipment of physical products.

Catalogue Raisonné – Paul-Émile Borduas

The catalogue raisonné, in hard copy edition, contains several major flaws that make the context of its publication quite problematic. Firstly, these types of books are, for the most part, very expensive and thus their publication becomes prohibitive. Secondly, because of the enormous amount of work and time involved, any such catalogue encounters, upon its publication, a major obstacle – even more so if it’s about a living or recently deceased contemporary artist: due to the art work changing hands (i.e. at auctions), the data becomes rapidly incorrect and the catalogue soon is obsolete. Finally another complaint often formulated against these publications is the presence, at each entry, of multiple cross-references. These can certainly be understood in regard to the space granted by the editor for the inscription of each notice. Nonetheless these abbreviations and codified signs impose on the reader to constantly refer to indexes or lists. Continually hampered by these cross-references, the consultation of this type of book becomes even more cumbersome. In collaboration with of the The Centre for Canadian Art in Montreal, Villa Villa Nola and developed a web accessible catalogue raisonné for Paul-Émile Borduas in 2011.

Black Light Times

Black Light Times is a website with a real simple purpose: film interviews with bands and other artists under black light with effects on the microphone. They invite the public at large to send videos in and we will put them on here. There will be millions of videos shot under black light with effects on the microphone. That’s what makes BLT special.”