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This video’s about want & need & the feeling during a particularly conscious instant: moments of discovery, rise to protest, personal needing, freeing, forgiveness, longing, or ultimate regret. There’s a microscopic sound painful to hear, seeking to hear, could we ever bear listening, were we even physically able to bear to hear. The video’s about [...]

Hotel Castle Ruins * Montreal

Everyone, this is a new project, it’s a DIY hostel here in my house @ St. Laurent & Fairmont in Montreal. I’m calling it Hotel Castle Ruins ( I have 5 sets of keys on attractive chains, 2 beds plus extra cots… There’s tea everywhere, good water pressure, heat & AC, a Wii with Zelda & the [...]

When to Reach 4

“…The subject of employers googling  potential employees came up today. My current employer made it perfectly clear that they did, in fact, google me before I got hired. I was embarrassed. For gits and shiggles, I googled myself today. I swear I dont get paid each time I type the word “google”. I found a [...]