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Moodsis moodsis i am trying

Moodsis moodsis, i’m trying to write about money. We had a meeting yesterday about our future & that of the recording industry at large & we determined that thru perseverance, greed, the ultimate in sham we can begin working on a new inspirational record. We were playing QC w/ the GHOST AND MRS MUIR and everyone [...]


BEYONCE sues CLUES for the opening of “Halo”. Too similar?!! The opening of Clues’ You Have My Eyes Now bears a striking resemblance to Beyonces’ Halo. Reached for comment Knowles said, “More like Thieves.” Clues declined to comment. New York Lawyer Richard Grabel will represent the “band” in defense of their “song.” YOU DECIDE: A) [...]


17.10.2009 Brussels (BE), Café Maison Du Peuple 19.10.2009 Manchester (UK), Drowned In Sound @ In The City Festival 20.10.2009 Sheffield (UK), The Harley 21.10.2009 Edinburgh (UK), The Electric Circus 22.10.2009 Dublin (IE), Whelans 23.10.2009 Liverpool (UK), Korova 24.10.2009 Bristol (UK), Start The Bus 25.10.2009 London (UK), The Lexington 27.10.2009 Gent (BE), Vooruit 28.10.2009 Colmar (FR), [...]