• Robes of Alchemy – “SOUND OF THE SUN”

    Fall tour & record planned


Passovah Festival Summer 2013 – Free Compilation on VVN

>>>>>> DOWNLOAD HERE <<<<<< Adam Kinner - Body Star Explosion Brahja Waldman - The Naked Dao Caroline Keating - Silver Heart Charlotte Cornfield  -  Harbord & Grace Cinéma L’amour - Oh So Much Emma Frank Quartet - Home Erik & Tasha - Shirley Erin Lang & The Foundlings - Quiet Soul Fragile Feet - You Haven’t Changed a Bit Harvest Soon - The Woods Holobody - Street Level Holyoak - Starlet Honeyman and the Brothers Farr - After the Dust [...]

City Dragon – “Turing Patterns” Free Download – December 21 on VVN

Turing Patterns is the first release from City Dragon, the solo project of Max Kaario.  Saxophone, recorders and percussion amplified, looped, and filtered, the six tracks are the product of improvisations recorded in bars and practice spaces around Paris during the fall of 2012. Download here. Turing Patterns 1. Treemale 2. Pitt Meadows 3. Placenta [...]

Honor Gavin @ WWBA

“For Birmingham Central Library and for Gravelly Hill Interchange (better known as Spaghetti Junction), two new tracks by wwba’s Honor Gavin: BCL & Yes Manzoni. The accompanying photographs show the same precise location, paced by time and concrete. Featuring Nick Dobson on drums and multivarious percussion. Masterfully mixed by Andrew Halford.” - WWBA

GoodWeird “Cool Cool Blood” Out on VVN July 27

GOODWEIRDis an ever evolving collective of musicians led by Duane Lauginiger. Born in New Hampshire and raised in Virginia, Duane has been writing songs and playing in bands for 17 years. His bands The Family, The Spartans, The Octobers in Williamsburg, Va and Harsh Realm, and Boney Loney and the Sacred Teachers in Richmond, introduced southern Virginia [...]

Public forum on the status of electronic equipment in Montreal

A collaboration between articule and the Artifact Institute, this interdisciplinary event will explore perspectives on the consumption, use, disposal, repair, re-use and obsolescence of electronic equipment. The forum will consider how the Montreal community is responding to the ever-increasing volume of electronic equipment that is perceived as obsolete, valueless or disposable, and engage the wider [...]

Jen Reimer & Max Stein @ Suoni Per Il Popolo 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012 – 11:59pm @ St. Urbain Underpass – Mtl. QC

Jen and Max met in 2008. With a shared interest in reverberant spaces and urban soundscapes, they began collaborating on a series of site specific performances for horn and live electronics. Their compositions are conceived, composed, rehearsed, performed and recorded in the spaces themselves, resulting in a soundmass of layered harmonies and field recordings that blend into the surrounding soundscape. They have created performances in the New City Gas building, Griffintown, the rotunda in the Square Victoria Metro Station and in the Saint Urbain underpass.

They will release their LP on June 11 during the Suoni per Il Popolo Festival, 2012. ( on Noisy Kitchen & VVN).